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Idea Himachal Pradesh Isd Rate Cutter Plans recharge plans

Idea Isd Rate Cutter Plans Recharge Plans For Himachal Pradesh

Idea ISD Rate Cutter Plans for Himachal Pradesh, recharge Plans, Special recharge packs Special offers, for Low call rates for ISD Rate Plans .

This Idea special ISD Rate Plans plans helps you reduce your mobile call rates, Sms rates together with the 4g, 3g Internet data packs.

Himachal Pradesh Idea Isd Rate Cutter Plans Recharge plans

Price Validity Plan Benifits
Rs7 28 days Easy Recharge 7 (ISD)

Nepal @ Rs.20.0 p/sec.

Rs13 56 days Easy Recharge 13 (ISD)

USA @ Rs.0.02/sec. Canada @ Rs.0.02/sec. China @ Rs.0.04/sec. Hong kong @ Rs.0.04/sec. Tibet @ Rs.0.04/sec. UK @ Rs.0.04/sec. Australia @ Rs.0.13/sec. New Zealand @ Rs.0.24/sec. Malaysia @ Rs.0.05/sec. Singapore @ Rs.0.05/sec. Thailand @ Rs.0.05/sec. France @ Rs.0.13/sec. Russia @ Rs.0.08/sec. Nepal @ Rs.0.12/sec. Pakistan @ Rs.0.11/sec. Bahrain @ Rs.0.13/sec. Kuwait @ Rs.0.13/sec. Saudi Arabia @ Rs.0.13/sec. UAE @ Rs.0.13/sec. Oman @ Rs.0.24/sec. Israel @ Rs.0.15/sec. Sri Lanka @ Rs.0.15/sec. Bhutan @ Rs.0.15/sec

Rs34 56 days Easy Recharge 34 (ISD)

Calls to USA @ Rs.0.75/min. Canada @ Rs.0.75/min. Calls to China @ Rs.1.0/min. Tibet @ Rs.1.0/min. Hong kong @ Rs.2.99/min. Bangladesh @ Rs.2.99/min. Nepal @ Rs.6.0/min. Italy @ Rs.9.0/min.

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